Certificated Contract

Agreement Between Orange Unified School District and
Orange Unified Education Association

For the period of July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2018
Article 1: Preamble
Article 2: Compensation
Article 3: Leaves
Article 4: Transfers
Article 5: Safety Conditions
Article 6: Hours
Article 7: Evaluation Procedures/Personnel Files/Public Complaints
Article 8: Grievance Procedure
Article 9: Class Size/Teaching Load/Workload
Article 10: Association Rights
Article 11: Management Rights and District Power
Article 12: Summer School
Article 13: Professional Working Environment
Article 14: Just Cause/Discipline of Employees
Article 15: Miscellaneous Provisions
Article 16: Shared Contract
Article 17: Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

Appendix A: Recognition Agreement

Appendix B1: Teacher/Nurse Salary Schedule

Appendix B2: Counselor Salary Schedule

Appendix B3: Media Specialist Salary Schedule

Appendix B4: Psychologist Salary Schedule

Appendix B5: Speech & Language Salary Schedule

Appendix B6: ROP Salary Schedule

Appendix B7: Extra Pay

Appendix C: Salary Schedule Placement

Appendix D1: Early Retirement

Appendix D2: Pre-retirement/Part-time Employment Plan

Appendix D3: Early Retirement Option - 30 Years at Age 50

Appendix D4: "Golden Handshake" Early Retirement Incentive Program

Appendix E: Final Evaluation and Rating Forms

Appendix F: Representation Fee

Appendix G-A: Sick Leave Table (Hours)

Appendix G-B: Sick Leave Table (Days)

Appendix H: Induction Program, Peer Assistance & Review MOU


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