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Accounting FAQ

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+ What is the current IRS Standard Business Mileage Rate?
  • For 2017, the rate is $0.535 per mile
  • For 2016, the rate was $0.540 per mile
+ What do I do if a vendor does not accept a Purchase Order?
  • With proper planning, issue a Purchase Requisition for this vendor at least 6 weeks in advance of purchase or conference registration
  • Mark on PO “Advance Payment is required by xx/xx/17”, “Vendor does not accept PO’s”
+ How often should I submit for Reimbursements?
  • Mileage – On a calendar month basis
  • Conference – Within 10 to 30 calendar days of the last date of travel
+ Do I need to attach original itemized receipts for conference reimbursement?
  • Yes


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