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Accelerated Mathematics Course

    The Accelerated Mathematics Course is designed for those exceptional students who love mathematics, and also demonstrate the ability to rigorously participate in an advanced math course designed to support sixth graders as they transition into seventh grade Algebra 1.


AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap by preparing all students for college and other postsecondary opportunities.

Credit Recovery Programs

    The Credit Recovery program is for high school students wanting to make up credits for graduation.  Sessions run during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.


    Regional Occupational Programs and Career Technical Education courses are available for high school students at their home high school and the CTE Center. There are a variety of opportunities available.


    CTIP, an acronym for “California Teacher Induction Program,” is a state-funded program that engages preliminary credentialed teachers in a job-embedded formative assessment system of support and professional growth (CDE, 2015).

Digital Portfolios

Digital Portfolios allow students to exhibit their efforts, progress, and achievements in learning (NEA, 2015). The goal of the digital portfolio is to showcase student learning and growth overtime (Kolk, 2015).

English Language Learners

English language learners need ongoing integrated English Language Development throughout the day, in addition to designated ELD, in order for them to effectively master content while acquiring language.  This section contains links to resources and information to support teachers of all content areas who have English learners in their classroom.

Home Schooling

    Find out more about home schooling by clicking the link above.

    Orange Live!

    Orange LIVE! (Learning through Interactive Virtual Education) classes provide students with opportunities to experience a technology-rich learning environment, gain graduation credits, and enroll in classes that might be otherwise unavailable.

Special Education

Access the OUSD Special Education website above. 

Summer School

Summer school is offered for six weeks in June and July, for credit recovery and original credit courses.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology is utilized in our classrooms to elevate instruction and learning, and to help prepare our students for a global society.