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The purpose of home and hospital instruction is to help students maintain continuity of instruction during a period of temporary disability. Any student with a temporary disability that makes attendance in regular classes or another education program impossible or inadvisable must receive individual instruction provided by the student’s school district.

The Home and Hospital Instruction Program (California Education Code Section 48206.3) serves students who incur a temporary disability, which makes attendance in the regular day classes or alternative education program impossible or inadvisable. The district in which the home or residential health facility is located is responsible for instructing and educating pupils who must be hospitalized or remain at home due to a temporary but extended illness or disability. There is no provision in statute that specifically addresses instructional content; however, the goal of home or hospital instruction should be maintenance of the pupil's former level of performance while recovering.

"Temporary disability" means a physical, mental, or emotional disability incurred while a student is enrolled in regular day classes or an alternative education program and after which a student can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes or an alternative educational program without special interventions. "Individual instruction" means instruction provided to a student in a hospital or other residential health facility (excluding instruction in state hospitals), in the student's home, or under other circumstances prescribed by the State Board of Education. A temporary disability does not include a disability for which a student is identified as an individual with exceptional needs pursuant to California Education Code (EC) Section 56026.

  • Services are available for students who will be continuously absent from school for more than ten days due to illness or other medical conditions.
  • Home Hospital forms are available from site administrator and are required before assignment of a teacher.
  • A physician or agency must sign the correct form.
  • Services start five days once the proper form is received.
  • In general, Home Hospital services provide only the core curriculum: English, Science, Social Studies and Math, Science (not lab), Physical Education and a limited number of electives. All other classes will be on a case by case basis.
  • Students on Home Hospital instruction may remain or take online classes.


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