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El Rancho Charter School
181 South Del Giorgio Road
Anaheim, CA 92808

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El Rancho Charter Middle School

School Profile

Principal of Academics: Michele Walker

Assistant Principals: Cina Abedzadeh, Gary Kilgore, Kenia Ozuna, Kimberly Beard

Enrollment: 1,171

Grades: 7-8

School Mission

It is the mission of El Rancho Charter School to prepare middle school students to meet the challenges of the new millennium by providing an academically enriched program which includes the ability to read, write, listen calculate, create and critically think. The staff at El Rancho believes that students learn by active participation in the classroom and through lessons that stimulate critical thinking. In addition, El Rancho will provide continual individual development through a variety of academic experiences, student-centered environments and community opportunities. Finally, El Rancho will provide technological skills, fine arts and health exploration and multi-cultural awareness.

Principal's Message

To Our El Rancho Families:

El Rancho Junior High School was opened in 1974 by the Orange Unified School District serving the families of Anaheim Hills.  In 2002, El Rancho submitted a Charter to the Orange Unified Board of Education and on July 1, 2002, the school began a new Chapter as El Rancho Charter School.

The mission at El Rancho is to “Maximize Every Student’s Learning and Personal Responsibility.” The quality of any program begins with high expectations.  This is not just what is expected of the students, but what is expected of teachers, parents, classified employees, and administrators.  School personnel are well aware that it takes all of these entities to create student success both in and outside of the classroom.  In addition to a very solid curriculum focusing on the Common Core State Standards, El Rancho is proud to offer an extensive elective program.  Students may select from a variety of courses in the fine arts, foreign languages as well as the practical arts.  They may choose percussion, orchestra, dance, an array of art and technology classes, three languages and more traditional courses like woodshop and home economics.  In addition, El Rancho is proud to offer an exemplary physical education program which incorporates the use of science, technology, engineering, and math into daily lessons.  Through collaboration of the students, staff, parents, and community, the culture and atmosphere is one of support and accomplishment.

In order to ensure all students reach their highest potential, we offer many supports and intervention to allow all students more time during the school day to reach their goals.  We have multiple tiers of support which allow for all students to benefit.  All students participate in the twice-a-week tutorial program.  This has helped all students improve academically and allows time for them to master concepts that might have been left behind in the past.  In addition, we provide before-school and after-school math academy and homework club so students can obtain help from teachers in various content areas. 

It is the goal of El Rancho Charter School to offer academic excellence to our families by providing flexibility through our charter and a continuous model of improvement.  As the result of the balance of educational supports, elective choices, a quality physical education program, and high academic results, El Rancho has earned two (2) California Distinguished School Awards (2005 and 2013) as well as the #1 Middle School in Orange County ranking by the Orange County Register for 2014.


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Michele Walker

Michele Walker