Welcome to Olive Elementary School!

Olive School is the home of the ocelots! Fiercely loyal,  exceptionally intelligent and beautiful wild cats, our 410 students are proud ocelots. We  treasure  our 15 highly qualified general education teachers, one Resource Specialist Teacher, and one inclusion teacher. All teachers hold current California Multiple Subjects teaching credentials and are highly qualified.

An Amazing Library Media Technician works with our students and staff six hours a day, five days a week.  Primary students receive an average of 300 minutes of academic instruction, and upper grade students receive 315 minutes of academic instruction each day. This year, Kindergarten students  attend school for a "full day", with an average of 295 minutes of instructional time daily. Olive has a modified Wednesday schedule so that teachers may participate in collaborative planning and staff development each week. Olive School prides itself on its family-oriented, nurturing climate and its unusually dedicated professional staff.