Educational Services:
Middle School Course of Study

Art English & English Language Development (ELD)
Foreign Language History Mathematics
Music Physical Education Reading
Science Technology Other
A-130-iFilm (El Rancho)
A100-Art Appreciation-Exploration
A110-111-Color & Design
A120-Drawing & Painting 8
English & English Language Development (ELD)
L100, 109, 157- English 7
L106- ELD English Transition
L110, 119, 158- English 8
L118- ELD Beginning Grammar
L120- Exploratory Theatre Arts and Communication 6-8
L125- Creative Writing El Rancho
L128- ELD Early Intermediate Grammar
L130- Theatre Arts 8
L148- ELD Intermediate Grammar
L200- English 6
Foreign Language
F100, 102-French I A&B
F110, 112-Spanish I A&B
F120-121, 521-German I A&B
F551-Chinese I
H100, 108, 109-World History & Geo 7
H120, 129-US History 8
H200- Social Science 6
N200 - Math 6
N161 - Math 7
N162 - Math 8
N248 - Math I Honors
N249 - Math I
N175 - Geometry
M120-Mixed Choir 6-8
M140-Concert Choir 7-8
M170-Beginning String Orchestra
M171-Beginning Band
M172-Intermediate Band
M173-Advanced Band
M175-String Orchestra
M182-Advanced Guitar
Physical Education
P110-111-Physical Education
P115-Dance 6-8 (11-01)
R118 -ELD Beginning Reading
R128- ELD Early Intermediate Reading
R148- ELD Intermediate Reading
R180- READ 180
R197- ELD Advanced Reading
S100, 108, 109- Life Science 7
S120, 128- Physical Science 8
S200- Science 6
D120-Exploratory Computers
D140-Tech Core Lab 7-8
D150e-Photo Shop (El Rancho)
X120-Library Media Science
X153-Skills for Success 7


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