Educational Services:
High School Course of Study

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Agriculture Art Business
English & ELD Foreign Language History
Home Economics & Auto Mathematics
Music Physical Education Reading
Science Special Education Other
G700-Agriculture Science
G703-Art and History of Floral Design
G704-Agriculture Projects
G705-Agricultural Biology
A701-Art I
A703-Art II
A710-Art III
A712-Art IV
A720-Ceramics I
A722-Ceramics II
A750-Jewelry I
A760-Photography I
A762-Photography II
A780-Story-telling Through Graphic Novels
A976-Art History AP
A986-Studio Art 2D Design AP
B705-Accounting I Computerized
B851-Fundamentals of Programming
B860-Intro to Video Game Design
B861-Video Game Design II
B876-Computer Applications 10-11
B877-Business Concepts and Computer Technology
L300- English 9
L309- English 9 Honors
L400- English 10
L409- English 10 Honors
L500- English 11
L512- English Language & Composition AP
L580-583- ELD Accelerated Introduction to English Language
L590-593, R708- ELDBeginning
L594-597, R718- ELD Early Intermediate
L598-601, R728- ELD Intermediate
L602-605, R748- ELD Transitional
L660- English 12
L732- Expository Reading and Writing
L800- Essentials of Language Arts
L914- Drama Workshop 10-12
L916- Theatre Arts 1
L917- Theatre Arts 2
L918- Theatre Arts 3
L920- Journalism I
L923- Advanced Journalism
L930- Annual I
L933- Advanced Annual
L996- English Lit & Comp 12 AP
ELD- Inside the USA
ELD- Edge Fundamentals
ELD- Edge Level A
ELD- Edge Level B
ELD- Edge Level C
Foreign Language
F701-French I
F702-French II
F703-French III
F704-French IV
F710, 521-German I
F712-German II
F713-German III
F714-German IV
F730-Spanish I
F731-Spanish II
F732-Spanish III
F733-Spanish IV
F735-Spanish for Spanish Speakers
F738-Spanish for Spanish Speakers II
F751-Chinese I
F752-Chinese II
F753-Chinese III
F754-Chinese IV
F755-AP Chinese
F756-Mandarin IB SL
F987-Spanish Literature AP
H400-World History
H409-World History Honors 10
H500-US History 11
H513, 623-Beg EL Social Studies
H600-American Govt. 12
H620-Economics 12
H630-Economics Macro AP 12 (8-00)
H631-Economics Micro AP
H702-Theory of Knowledge
H956-Psychology AP
H966-Government & Politics US AP
H985-History of the Americas IB
H996-US History AP
H997-World History AP
Home Economics & Auto
C700-Clothing I
C702-Foods I
C703-Foods II
C705-Interior Design
C706-Family Living 9-12
C715-Clothing II
C716-Clothing III
I700-Auto I
N240, 241-Foundations of Algebra
N248 - Math I Honors HS
N249 - Math I
N705-Algebra 1B
N710, 719-Algebra II
N711-Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications
N725, 729-Geometry 9-12
N727-Essentials of Geometry
N730,739-Pre Calculus with Trig
N742-Introductory Statistics
N801-Essentials of Mathematics 11-12
N986-987-Calculus AB-BC
N994-Statistics AP
M710-Concert Band 9-12
M720-Symphonic Band 9-12
M730-Jazz Ensemble 9-12
M740-String Orchestra 9-12
M740-String Orchestra
M750-Wind Ensemble 9-12
M800-Bass Clef Chorus
M810-Treble Clef Chorus
M820-Mixed Choir 9-12
M830-Concert Choir 9-12
M840-Chamber Singers
M850-Advanced Treble Ensemble
M860-Vocal Ensemble
Physical Education
P720-Physical Education
P721-Private Study PE
P760-Dance Choreography and Production 9-12
P781-Pep Squad PE
R716-Reading & Linguistics I
R727-Reading (Basic)
R728-ELD Intermediate Reading
R748-ELD Advanced Reading
S300- Health 9
S750- Biology
S759- Biology Honors
S760- Chemistry
S769- Chemistry Honors
S780- Physics
S785- Conceptual Physics
S789- Physics Honors 11-12
S790- Physiology 10-12
S799- Physiology Honors
S820, 823- Life Science 9-12
S853- Earth Science 9
S870- Environmental Science
S970- Environmental Science AP
S971- Environmental Systems & Societies IB SL
S976- Biology AP
S984- Chemistry AP
S995- Physics C AP
Special Education
E312-Language! Reading & Linguistics 9
E346-Practical Essentials of Geometry
E503-506-Fundamental Social Skills 1, 2, 3, 4
E512-515-Fundamentals of English 1, 2, 3, 4
E523-525-Fundamentals of Social Studies 2, 3, 4
E530 534-Fundamentals of Science 1-2
E540, 543-545-Fundamentals of Math 1, 2, 3, 4
X210-AVID 9
X211-AVID 10
X214-AVID Senior Seminar
X305-Freshman Seminar
X702-Media Technology Advanced
X707-Media Writing and Production
X708-CD-ROM Yearbook Production
X712-Library Media Science
X713-Computer Animation I
X729-English for Academic Success
X760-Digital Arts I 11-12
X751-JROTC Leadership



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