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"Excellence is never an accident"

Orange Unified School District's Home Schooling is an alternative instructional strategy, not an alternative curriculum. Students work independently, according to a written agreement and under the general supervision of a credentialed teacher and a parent. While in Home Schooling, students follow district adopted curriculum and meet the district graduation requirements, home schooling offers flexibility to meet individual student needs, interests and styles of learning.

Home School provides a high quality alternative education option for students who need or desire the more personalized and flexible setting of home education. The program builds upon student strengths and assets while identifying and providing support in areas of weakness.

Communication and partnership with parents and students are central elements of the program. Students and parents are actively involved in forming their educational plan and take responsibility, with the guidance of a credentialed teacher, for attaining their educational goals.

The curriculum centers on the California State Content Standards while instruction takes into account individual needs and learning styles. The ultimate goal is to provide each student with a rich and challenging educational program that will prepare him/her for future employment and/ or college

Home Schooling


Two Programs

K-8th Grade

    • No special Education Services
    • Various activities and tutoring embedded in the program.

Educational Options 9-12th Grade

    • A referral from a school counselor or site administrator is required.
    • An intake meeting prior to enrollment is required. It provides parents and student an explanation of the program to determine if an independent study program is appropriate for the student.
    • Students are enrolled in academic core content classes that are team taught by a teacher that is highly qualified in that subject area.
    • Each student has required time for high school students to meet with their Educational Options teacher based upon grade level:
      • Seniors - 2 hours per week
      • Juniors- 3 hours per week
      • Sophomores - 3 hours per week
      • Freshmen - 4 hours per week
    • ADA is based upon work completed.
    • Students receive a minimum 5 hours of assignments per subject area per week.
    • 4/2 split is available but students must be enrolled in 4 periods at Educational Options.
    • Not a credit recovery program.
    • Historically, students who have supervision in the home throughout the week tend to do better in the program.
    • Students will be dropped for violation of the Master Agreement due to lack of attendance based upon grade level and work completion and will be returned to their home school.
    • For students who receive special education services, a referral to the program is required. Please contact the site administrator at school. No student will be enrolled in Educational Options without an appropriate IEP meeting.


      WASC Accredited