Frequently asked Questions - F.A.Q.

What exactly is Home Schooling?

Home Schooling is a program where parents and teachers work together to educate students through standards based curriculum. Parents act as the home teacher for all classes , while the school teacher monitors progress of student achievement.

What is the role of the teacher?

The teacher monitors the students work, assists the parents in providing proper assignments to meet California State Standards. The teacher forms a partnership with the parents to assure academic success.

How are assignments assigned?

Assignment sheets list the courses in which the student is enrolled. All the assignments for the week will be printed on this sheet to assure that the student, parent and teacher are clear as to what needs to be completed.

How often do the students meet with the teacher?

In our program the student meets with the teacher once a week to review the previous week’s assignments.

How is attendance counted?

Attendance is determined by the amount of work that is returned to the teacher on a weekly basis.

What do we do when we meet with the teacher?

The student, parent and teacher evaluate and discuss the previous weeks work. A new assignment sheet will then be produced.

What happens if the family goes on vacation?

Usually the family requests work for the time the family is on vacation. Upon return from vacation the students meets with the teacher.

Does the student take tests at home?

Yes, usually the students take tests at home. There may be times when the teacher will ask a student to take a test at school. All state testing will be taken at a school site.

My student is behind credits for graduation, can they make it up in Home Schooling?

No. Because of the independent nature of Home Schooling it is not a credit recovery program.

Can the student work ahead and complete school at an accelerated rate?

Yes. This is an agreement that is worked out between the parent, student and teacher.

Does the student get a regular high school diploma?

Yes, they need to meet the graduation requirements of Orange Unified School District and will receive a diploma from OUSD Home Schooling.

Can the student participate in sports or clubs with the high school of residence?

A student can participate in up to two courses at their school of residence. Those courses could be a sport, music, an advanced science or math course or a foreign language. The student would have to attend school on a daily basis.

Can a student attend a sporting event or dance?

Yes, the student may attend an event of the school of residence.

Can the student graduate with a regular high school?

The student will receive a diploma from OUSD Home Schooling. The student can choose to walk with their high school of residence for the graduation exercise if they so choose.

Does the student get a good education?

Yes, it is the time and effort students put into their studies that provide the kind of education a student receives.

Does there need to be an adult at home to teach the student?

Yes, the term “homeschooling” means that the parent or guardian is directly involved in the students instruction and learning at home.