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Local Control and Accountability Plan

                       Orange Unified School District Overview                                                                              Page VI

                                                                       3,718                                7,496

                                                                       comments                             stakeholders
                                                                        received                            engaged

                                                                                               3                               89

                                                                                            conducted                          committees*

                                        OUSD TV
                                                                      *Committees Include: Parents, Students, Community, Staff, Orange Unified Education
                                                                        Association, California School Employees Association, Trustees & Advisory Councils

                                                                                                          Top District

      State Education                         Engagement                                        Provide:                           Support:

      Priorities                           C                                             learner-centered teaching           home/school connection
                                                                                           21st century education
                                                  Parent Involvement
                                                                                                                               parent involvement
                                                  Student Engagement
                                                                                             parent workshops
   A                                  B                                                     pathway programs          lifelong learners
                                                                                                                              student achievement
      Conditions of Learning
                                                  School Climate
                                                                                                                             community involvement
          Basic Services
          Academic Standards
                                          Pupil Outcomes
          Course Access
                                              Student Achievement
                                                                                                            college and career ready students
                                              Other Outcomes
                                                                                                                       global citizens
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